Culinary Services

A patient being served food by a nurse

At Brookside Inn, our Culinary Chef’s and their service team strive to provide both a delicious and appealing menu to our patients each day. Emphasis is placed on healthy and appealing choices for everyone.

We have an on-site registered dietitian who works consistently with our patients to ensure they are receiving proper nutritional needs.

Meals are served in our gracious dining room where patients can share a warm and comfortable social environment. Meals can also be served in our patient rooms if that is their preference. Patients may also reserve the family dining room for a special event or an intimate meal among loved ones.

Brookside Inn’s A La Carte Menu

To meet each patients taste, we offer a wide variety of ‘a la carte’ options for an enjoyable dining experience:

Salad Bar

Our salad bar features fresh, spring mix lettuce, and a variety of fresh vegetables. Also included are meats, cheese, cottage cheese, potato salad, olives, and all the fixings.

Chef Soup Dejour

This is our fresh soup of the day.

Salad Plates

Salad plates include fresh fruit platters with cottage cheese. fruit bowls, tomato stuffed with cottage cheese or tuna salad.

All salad plates are served with crackers.

Burgers & Sandwiches

Patients can choose between a hamburger, cheeseburger, bacon cheeseburger or garden burger

Sandwiches include BLT, grilled chicken sandwich, tuna salad sandwich, chicken salad sandwich, egg salad sandwich or a PB&J

Deli-style sandwiches available in: smoked ham, turkey, or roast beef


At Brookside Inn, patients are provided with a variety of beverages including juices, and sodas. Hot herbal tea and coffee are also offered.