Leadership Team

We have carefully selected individuals to form our team of caring professionals. Our highly competent rehabilitation team has over 25+ years of experience in orthopedic and spinal rehabilitation. Our therapists and nursing team develop effective care plans for each individual that will support the highest level of results possible for each individual. Patients have the opportunity, through Patient Care Conferences, to take an active role in their own care and outcome as they, their families, their physicians, and the staff of Brookside Inn design a plan to meet each patient’s needs.

Rehabilitation Staff

Our team of rehabilitation professionals works closely to ensure that each patient receives the quality therapy they need. Our program includes physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Discharge planning is pivotal to the rehabilitation progress one has made as they journey home. Our interdisciplinary team works to arrange home healthcare, equipment, and oxygen before discharge as needed.

Nursing Staff

Brookside Inn provides residents with licensed nurses and certified nurse aides. These staff members provide medical care and personal attention to each resident 24 hours a day. Our nursing staff continually trains and places an emphasis on learning new concepts. This allows us to provide progressive and comprehensive care with compassion and dignity for the elderly and the physically impaired.

Medical Staff

Each individual’s primary care physician acts as the team leader for the patient’s medical care. Brookside Inn’s Medical Director works as a liaison to assure continuity of care. We use a team approach to provide personalized medical care for each individual we serve.